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  • If someone asked us 'Who are you?', we would answer: "We are a team of simple peopel who every day prepare and strive to offer the best service and attention to their customers". With these premises we only try to emphasize the soul of those who compose Solhome, how? With kindness, familiarity, simplicity, and above all, with the experience learned during the course of more than fifteen years in the human treatment; "the free offer of a friendly attention without exceptions".
  • Those of us who make up Solhome are like little ants, we act with decision, security and in group, a group that starts with the one who does the humblest work and ends with the head of the company, we are all equal in forms, manners and attention we give to all those who decide to use our services, putting the good treatment that they deserve before anything else.
  • Someone once said: "The substance of who we are is not only what we say." It's not about describing in words what defines a person, a group of people or a company, and we could write a thousand words and not show what we are really worth. The large number of reviews in Google's Company Profile speak for us, sentences of grateful, satisfied customers and eager to see us again. This is the substance of who we are and the greatness if the satisfaction of our customers.
  • We are not a family business, but we offer familiarity in our services; we are not a multinational but we stand out with the greatness of customer treatment; we do not promise anything we cannot offer or deliver; honesty and effort is our every day motto.
  • Where are we located? In an important village of the Costa Brava, l'Escala, a privileged place for anyone who wants to spend a nice vacation, relax in the beaches, coves and sea; discover experiences and delve into nature, mountains and paths that lead us to places of important history in the development of our culture.

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